The right to food in Panama

Right to food legal framework

The Republic of Panama recognizes explicitly the right to food in its Political Constitution of 1972, which in its sixth chapter on "Health, Social Security and Social Assistance" stipulates that the State must ensure health, fully understood as a complete physical, mental and social well-being. Article 110 makes the State directly responsible to "develop a national food and nutrition policy that ensures an optimal nutritional status for the population, by promoting the availability, consumption and biological utilization of adequate food".

Regarding Family, the Constitution, in its second chapter, affirms that the State shall provide protection for mothers, children and teenagers taking into account their development, by directly mentioning the protection of the right to food, from the womb, during lactation, growth and adolescence.

Moreover, the chapter of the Constitution related to Education makes the right to food implicit by referring to education as the harmonious and integral development of the student, physically, intellectually, morally, aesthetically and civically.

Associated sectoral laws