Strategic Plan for the Promotion of Decent Labor and Competitiveness of the Banana Sector

General information

This Plan is focused on providing resources that contribute to improving labor relations, creating a culture of social and labor dialogue in this sector, continuous improvement in the field of hygiene and occupational health, and the establishment of a framework plan to organize job training programs; all with the ultimate aim of improving the sector's competitiveness and human development of the communities where banana farms exist.

Country Dominican Republic
Type Plan
Classification Income
Date 01.01.2011
Responsible institution

Ministerio del Trabajo

Related institutions

Organización Internacional del Trabajo (OIT)

Consejo Nacional de Competitividad (CNC)



Increase the competitiveness of the banana sector’s value chain contributing to the growth and development of small farmers, their workers and the population, to reduce poverty in producing areas.

Strategic areas

  • Freedom of association of agricultural producers and workers in the banana industry (Convention 87, 141): the expected result in this axis is that small, medium and large producers of bananas and agricultural producers linked to the sector enjoy their right to participate in organizations which aim to promote and defend their interests, as is established in national and international standards.
  • Fundamental Conventions on Child Labor (Conventions 138,182): The expected result for this axis is that small, medium and large banana producers become strategic partners of the national policy of prevention and eradication of child labor.
  • Safety, health and hygiene at work (Conventions 155, 161,187, 148, 184 and others): the expected result is that small, medium and large banana farmers and agricultural workers in the sector actively participate in all initiatives aimed at ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Consolidation of the labor inspection system in support of the banana industry (Conventions 81, 129): The expected result is that the Department of Labor Inspection of the Ministry of Labor develops its role in accordance with international and national labor standards agreed for the agricultural sector in general and for the banana sector in particular.
  • Social discussion tables and labor dialogue in the banana industry (Convention 144): The expected result is that small, medium and large producers of bananas, and organized farm workers, and local authorities with a common interest in the banana sector develop a dialogue culture that examines and pursues for answers to challenges of local development and labor relations in the banana sector.
  • Technical competency standards for the banana sector: the expected result is that training institutions have the technical standards of labor competence concerning the main occupations in banana sector.
Target population
  • Small, medium, large banana producers in the provinces of Azua, Valverde and Montecristi.
  • Agricultural workers linked to the banana sector in the provinces of Azua, Valverde and Montecristi.
Number of beneficiaries

According to the stakeholder cadastre, an estimate of:


  1. Azua: 625
  2. Valverde: 930
  3. Montecristi: 232

Workers (permanent and temporary)

  1. Azua: 17,500
  2. Valverde: 27,000
  3. Montecristi: 6,500