National Climate Change Policy

General information

The National Policy on Climate Change of Trinidad and Tobago aims to provide policy guidance for the development of an appropriate administrative and legislative framework, in harmony with other sectoral policies, to fulfill a route of low carbon production for Trinidad and Tobago through strategies and adequate and appropriate actions in order to address climate change.

Country Trinidad and Tobago
Type Polìtica
Classification Adaptación y mitigación al cambio climático
Date 2011
Responsible institution

Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago



  1. Reduce or prevent emissions of greenhouse gases from all emitting sectors
  2. Enhance carbon sinks.
  3. Protect the environment and health of people.
  4. Conserve and develop the resilience of human and natural systems to adapt to the adverse effects of climate change, particularly through capacity building, implementation of more energy efficient and cleaner technologies and through research and development.
  5. Improve agricultural production and food security.
  6. Educate the public about the potential impacts of climate change and recommended adaptation strategies.
  7. Conserve and ensure a sustainable supply of drinking water

Guiding principles

  1. The response to climate change must be sustainable.
  2. Responding to climate change requires a consultative approach and considering multiple stakeholders.
  3. Responding to climate change requires a precautionary approach.
  4. The response to climate change
Target population

Toda la población del país.