National School Garden

About the program

The program seeks to develop school gardens in all schools that have the necessary facilities for this. It also aims to train schools to produce enough food for their cafeterias, and identify young farmers across the country.

Country Jamaica
Home 10.10.2008
Classification Abastecimiento de alimentos, Alimentación escolar, Technical Assistance, Capital físico predial, Productive infrastructure
FNS Dimension Acceso, Disponibilidad

General objective

Equip all public educational institutions in school gardens, aimed at providing young people with skills and knowledge necessary to develop agriculture and promote entrepreneurship in the field.

Specific goals

  • Encourage the development of practical knowledge of agriculture.
  • Introduce new technologies in agriculture.
  • Promote entrepreneurship among young people.
  • Involve young people in food security issues.
  • Provide healthy and fresh food for schools.
  • Show youths that agriculture is a viable career.
  • Encourage young people to eat, develop and prefer local dishes.
Components and/or products

Materials: The program provides materials for the construction of school gardens.

School gardens: It also builds and maintains the school gardens.

Assistance: Generates educational instances for young people to interact and intervene in the gardens.

Target population

Young people in primary, secondary and tertiary school.



Geographical coverage Urbano y rural
Responsible organism

Related institutions Rural Agricultural Development Authority
4H Club
Toyota Jamaica Limited
Caribbean Agricultural Research Development Institute
College of Agriculture, Science & Education
Development Bank of Jamaica
Jamaica Agricultural Society
Financial sources

Gobierno de Jamaica y donaciones de Toyota Jamaica Limited.