National Employment Program

About the program

Seeks to support the improvement of living conditions of the population at risk of poverty and living in poverty, granting a temporary financial aid for their incorporation into projects of community interest, training processes or support for groups of people with ideas or productive projects.

Country Costa Rica
Home 2000
Classification Labor market and wages
FNS Dimension Acceso

General objective

Support the improvement of the living conditions of the population at risk of poverty and living in poverty, granting temporary financial assistance, for inclusion in projects of community interest, training processes or support of groups of people with ideas or productive projects.

Specific objective

  1. Incorporate unemployed individuals (the underemployed are included) in construction projects of community interest presented by community organizations.
  2. Support groups of people with productive ideas that foster their self-employment as a strategy to improve their living conditions and promote their productive reintegration as micro entrepreneurs.
  3. Supporting individuals or groups of people interested in training processes for improving their occupational profile (acquire skills, abilities, knowledge, etc.) or strengthening their knowledge as productive groups, individuals from the ages of 15 to 30 are included.
  4. Contribute to the development of communities, supporting the construction of infrastructure, through linking the program with efforts to build and improve community infrastructure (school cafeterias, Centers for Education and Child Nutrition and Comprehensive Care Centers (CEN CINAI), roads, bridges and rural water supply, and support productive ideas or training processes as these communities needs arise, aimed at the socio-economic improvement of its members.
  5. Facilitate the insertion into the labor market for young people from the ages of 17 to 24 living in vulnerable situations, through comprehensive labor intermediation services and strengthening employability in order to provide a link with the labor market.
Components and/or products

Communal work and productive ideas

It is a monthly temporary financial assistance for unemployed or underemployed individuals that are grouped in cooperatives, community organizations or non-profit associations involved in a project of community interest; this financial aid lasts an average of three months, which may be extended, depending on the project’s needs. The amount provided is CRC$185,000 (USD$337) which varies depending on the quantity of participation: if you meet 160 hours per month the individual receives a full allowance, for 120 hours per month they receive the corresponding subsidy up to 75% of the total and for 80 hours monthly, the individuals are entitled to receive 50% of the amount of the total subsidy.

Training support

Temporary economic relief for people involved in a community occupational training project, conducted by a formal training institution or one that is accredited by the INA. Recruits at the National Mediation Service are included. Individuals over the age of 15 receive, on a monthly basis, CRC$185,000 (USD$337).

Training « EMPLEATE »

It allows access to training programs and technical and technological training in line with labor market demands. Youths who are between the ages of 17 and 24 who neither study nor work receive, on a monthly basis, CRC$185,000 (USD$337).

Indigenous people

Temporary economic relief for indigenous people working on infrastructure construction projects of community interest. Individuals over the age of 18 from indigenous areas receive, on a monthly basis, CRC$185,000 (USD$337).

Economic subsidy

The program provides temporary employment subsidy to those people who are unemployed as a result of a disaster, are suffering the loss of their jobs or usual source of income, or are in unemployed status.

Target population

Individuals older than 15, living in poverty, extreme poverty, vulnerability, unemployed and underemployed. Indigenous population is also included.



Geographical coverage Urbano y rural

2014: 9,225 people.

Annual budget

2015: CRC$14,000,000,000 (USD$25,501,300)

Responsible organism

Ministerio de Trabajo y Seguridad Social

Executing organism Ministerio de Trabajo y Seguridad Social
Related institutions Ministerio de Educación Pública
Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes
Normative framework

Executive Decree 29044-TSS-MTSS, of 30/10/2000: Creates the National Employment Program (PRONAE). Executive Decree Nº037143-MTSS-COMEX. Executive Order 35028-MTSS-COMEX, of 16/1/2009, which establishes that PRONAE has the responsibility to deliver a temporary employment subsidy in cases of national emergency.

Financial sources

Fund for Social Development and Family Allowances