Food Solidarity Program

About the program

It is a program of the Institute of Agricultural Marketing which began operating in 2007; it is a response to rising food prices and intends to ensure access to essential food products for the population by selling at subsidized prices.

Country Panama
Home 2006
Classification Abastecimiento de alimentos
FNS Dimension Acceso

Guarantee access to essential food products for the population.

Components and/or products

Food at a subsidized price

The Institute of Agricultural Marketing purchases products like coffee, salt, sauce or tomato paste, chicken, canned or refrigerated pork, canned fish, canned sardines, canned tuna, domestic and imported beans, lentils, peas and other national and imported beans, domestic and imported onions, creams food, pasta, refined, domestic and imported vegetable oil, canned hams, sugar packaged for retail and other products (agricultural inputs including seeds, sperm and / or embryos of animal species ), as well as distribution and sale through programs that organizes and coordinates such as Fairs that can be permanent or touring, Mega Fairs and going through routes “on-wheels”.


In May 2008 AGROCOMPITA was launched to boost domestic agricultural productivity and ensure the sustainability of the Food Solidarity Program.

Target population

General population of the country.



Geographical coverage Urbano y rural
Responsible organism

Ministerio de Desarrollo Agropecuario

Executing organism Instituto de Mercadeo Agropecuario
Financial sources

National Trust Bank of Panama